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WEFIX Smart Solution

Who We Are

We are customer service professionals for last 10 Years in the high tech industry having wide range of experience from London , Dubai ,India and Africa .

We determine that we have those genuine qualities to take full service support responsibilities of your respected brand . And that would help to generate your business revenues as well as product and brand awareness in competitive environment .

Our aim is to provide our clients with unique, yet affordable IT solutions and unrivalled customer service. We speak in Plain English and avoid Technical Jargon wherever possible. We offer a friendly, approachable service, both for business customers and private individuals.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision :

Priority and quality support

Our Mission:

WE FIX , aims to become the top retail service provider.

WE FIX Smart Solution Provider, which will act as one stop repair outlets, will offer a wide range of services for multiple products and brands.

The services offered at the centers include warranty support for OEM partners, multi-brand out of warranty repairs, extended warranty protection plans, accessories and software sales and a range of value added services like on-site services, pick and drop, data recovery, installation and set-up of products.

With WE FIX Centers, our aim is to bring a national, International and multi-channel 24-hour rapid response technical support service for consumers

Why We're Different

Our Motto is :

We are competent. We work as a team. We deliver prompt action. And we provide the highest quality service to all our customers.
Our team epitomizes professionalism, business as usual attitude and a friendly outlook. All staffs follow our cardinal rules: proficiency in answering customers' questions and courteousness in dealing with them.

We Fix has an exclusive 24/7 live support to provide a high level of clientele assistance. Dedicated and smart call center representatives are always on alert, active in attending inquiries and fast in responding to clients' needs.